Shaoguan Dery Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.


Shaoguan Dery Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is founded in2003, mainly engages in researching, producing and selling rosin modified phenolic resins, maleic resin, modified phenolic resin vehicle, alkyd resin and waxes paste ect for offset inks, gravure inks, water based inks, 3 pieces tin printinginks, paints and coatings.

The core competitive power of Shaoguan Dery is notonly technology innovation, but also is the only manufacturer who owns thetechnology and equipment to produce rosin modified phenolic resins by both one step method and two steps method in China.

In 2013, Dery acquired of one of DIC factories,renamed to Deqing Huacai Resins Co.,Ltd, keeping and improving old equipment& technology, owning the most professional and advanced technology on resin area.

Dery insists on the conception of FOCUS, PROFEESIONand INNOVATION develops the spirit of PIONEERING and HARD-WORKING, we meet withcustomers’ demands with first class quality products and superior services. Westrive to create a new age of ink resins in the near future.

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